Student application for Post Secondary Education Funding

This form is intended for students applying for post secondary education funding.

Once you apply and are approved for one program, you will be able to log into your student page to apply for the second program (when applicable)

If you already have records in the Outcomes Student Information System, please log in via the student page and complete the form there.

If you have no existing records or do not know, you can add all needed information to this form and submit when ready.

(for returning students)
(for staff)

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Identifying Information

* Status Card # - also known as INAC or Treaty Number - is a 10 digit number made up of your band number, family number and position number.


* Your email address will be used to log in and manage your application.

Program Dates

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Note, on one application you can only apply for semesters from one fiscal year. To include semesters from multiple fiscal years, additional applications must be filled out.


Program Information

Personal Details

Final Application Details

Please select your Priority Level based on the following guidelines.

Priority 1 (P1)
Returning Students: Students who are returning to their program of study as pertaining to their previous year PSE application..

Priority 2 (P2)
Grade 12 High School Graduates: Students, who have never received WRFN PSE sponsorship and who have graduated from Secondary School within the past two years.

Priority 3 (P3)
All Other Potential Students: All other eligible applicants that do not fall in the Priority 1 or 2 categories

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